Every Animal Needs Enrichment

Enrichment toys were first implemented in zoos to eliminate boredom of captive animals. Every well-balanced animal needs stimulation and enrichment. Among the methods used to create stimulating environments are food puzzles. They encourage animals to interact with their surroundings while foraging for food. This allows them to use natural instincts that would help them survive in the wild.

A Better Way to Challenge

Dog Games Puzzle Toys are an excellent way to challenge and engage your dog's mental needs that physical training alone may not provide. Our new category of dog toys teaches dogs how to problem solve while increasing mental stimulation and building better owner/pet relationships. Also, they're a great way to correct feeding issues, stop over indulgence, regulate portion sizes during feeding time, and all the while, making it fun!

The Treat Wheel and Paw Hide toys contain specially designed cups which fit into holes in the puzzle bases. Dogs must figure out how to remove the cups from the puzzle to get the treats hidden. Scent holes in the top of the cups help dogs discover where the goodies are hidden. The Star Spinner consists of three layers which spin to expose treats underneath!

Why You Should Buy

All of these toys are dishwasher safe and non-toxic. Many competitors make expensive, compressed wood puzzle toys that cannot survive a good slobbering or dishwashing. We believe our plastic puzzle are the best choice of material for treat-based, reusable puzzles. Plus they'reat an affordable price that everyone can be happy about!

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I have a golden retriever as well as a pembroke welsh corgi. They love their food and tend to inhale it. But they are also very smart and tend to get board. I bought the Star Spinner as well as the paw print shaped toy by this same company and they had a blast from the moment I filled it and set it on the floor! I love that the toys are plastic. So they are much easier to clean...

by A. Staley
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6 Puzzles

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